28 May 2018

130 kg of used clothing for Humana People to People

The collaboration between Gasparini Industries employees and the Humana People to People Italia Onlus association continues. Also this year we have collected clothes, bags, toys and shoes that Humana will use at its best for various assistance and development projects in Italy, Europe and Africa.


We chose Humana because their transparent structure ensures clarity throughout the production chain of used clothes. We know that with them the generosity of people really turns into real help.

clothing collection humana gasparini

Humana’s projects, however, are not limited to the simple redistribution of clothes. Some of the garments collected are sold at reduced prices through a network of second hand shops. Those which are no longer usable are recycled as insulating material. The proceeds from these activities make it possible to support projects in different fields:


  • farming
  • infancy
  • schooling
  • health

This year we broke the record of the previous year, collecting 130 kg of material that Humana has come to collect in our company. This collection translates into:


  • 31 trees planted
  • 460 kg of CO2 saved
  • 780,000 litres of water saved
  • 26 kits of soybeans, sunflowers and peanuts donated
  • 26 school kits distributed
  • 39 kg of insecticides not used
  • 78 kg of fertilizers saved
  • 17 € of expenses for the collection and disposal of waste saved to Italian citizens


Thanks to all Gasparini’s colleagues, as well as Luca Paron and Lucia Gullà of Humana People to People Italia.


More info: http://www.humana.org/what-we-do

development acitivities africa humana

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