23 March 2017

3D interactive model of a blast furnace

Find out how it works

A blast furnace produces pig iron starting from iron ore, coke, and flux (usually limestone). It’s a plant built to work continuously for up to 7 years, producing from 2.000 to 10.000 tons of molten metal per day. It can reach a 15-meter cross-section and a 100-m height.


Its main product is pig iron. This alloy is then turned into steel, lowering its carbon content, by blowing oxygen through the molten metal in a converter. A blast furnace also produces cumbustible blast furnace gas, used by the same steel mill, and mineral slag that are turned into Portland cement.

3d blast furnace interactive model

Steel University, an initiative of World Steel Association, created a 3D interactive model that can be accessed online. This model shows the different components of a blast furnace and explains its working principle in an easy and fun way.

Navigate the model https://steeluniversity.org/product/blast-furnace/

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