28 October 2016

The bittersweet story of an extraordinary craftsman

A retired naval mechanic and his miniature motors


patelo miniature motors

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro is 72 years old and is a retired naval mechanic. He’s not an engineer, but he has always been into mechanics. Instead of walking the dog or watching contruction works, he prefers to make miniature engines.

This is the last creation of his life: a V16 that required 2500 hours of work to hand build 852 pieces, joined by 632 screws. José, also known as Patelo, has only one regret: not having time to build the dream of his life.

patelo model motor v16
patelo v32 handmade motor

This is the bittersweet story of an extraordinary man and of his masterpieces of craftmanship, precision and passion.

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