20 March 2020

Coronavirus Emergency corporate press release

gasparini drone

At this critical time, it is important that everyone makes their contribution to defeating this epidemic. In order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and to protect all its collaborators, Gasparini has decided to suspend activities for two weeks, starting from 23/3 up to and including 3/4. The offices will ensure availability to maintain contact with our customers and suppliers, albeit to a reduced extent. Contact your manager for more information:

• Sales: sales@gasparini.it,
• Technical Assistance: service@gasparini.it
• Administration: administration@gasparini.it
• Logistics: purchase@gasparini.it

We always focus on the health of our employees and today, even of all Italian citizens. For this reason we make this effort, necessary for the good of all. At a national level, hospitals and prefectures are doing everything possible to contain the contagion and to treat people who have contracted the Coronavirus in the best possible way. We express our maximum support to the health personnel and our closeness to the families of the victims of this epidemic.

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