18 April 2017

Cutting Hardox and Strenx high-strength steels

A handy guide by SSAB

Hardox® Wear Plate and StrenxTM Performance Steel High-strength steel sheets can be cut with the most common techniques:

  • Oxy-fuel
  • Plasma
  • Laser
  • Shearing
  • Punching
  • Waterjet

The document in English language provides many recommendations on what techniques you can use and the measures to be taken. For example, shearing and punching are suitable only for Hardox 400 and 450 sheets.

Thermal cutting of high strength steels generates risks of cracking along the cut edge even after weeks. For this reason, when working sheet Hardox and Strenx sheets, one should pay special attention to:

  • Preheating
  • Post heating
  • Cutting speed
  • Cooling
  • Stress points
  • Corners

The guide written by SSAB provides all the necessary recommendations relating to a specific type of steel, its thickness, and the cutting technique used.


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