01 February 2018

Encyclopedia of stainless steel in construction 2018

The Encyclopedia of stainless steel in construction is a technical document produced by the Nickel Institute and the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA). It is especially useful for fabricators, engineers, architects, designers, landlords, building contractors, and whoever uses stainless steel in building industry.

It is a complete, freely downloadable collection of the best technical info, resources, articles and case histories.

stainless steel construction building

Covered topics are:

  • choosing the right grade
  • applications (restoration, windows and doors, HVAC, transports, etc)
  • fabrication (cutting, bending, etc) and cleaning
  • finishes, plating, and painting
  • structural design
  • sustainability, health and hygiene

Download the collection (735 MB, zipped)

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