19 December 2016

The Forming Potential of Stainless Steel

Hydroforming, deep-drawing, and other techniques

EuroInox presents us a must-read document that illustrates the most advanced and innovative forming techniques of stainless steel.
The great potential of this material is demonstrated through real-life examples, with detailed descriptions and useful production advice.
The covered topics are:

forming potential stainless steel sheet metal metalforming
  •  introduction
  •  mechanical properties
  •  forming potential
  •  surface finish
  •  hydroformed nodes for automotive frames
  •  hygienic design through seamless surfaces
  •  pump efficiency through hydroformed casings
  •  metal spinning for exclusive designs
  •  decorative wheel rims made by spinning
  •  cold rolled sections for superior strength
  •  explosion formed heat exchanger plates
  •  deep drawn locknuts for wheel decoration
  •  corrugates steel for higher cargo capacity


Download the document

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