16 December 2016

La Fuerza del Espíritu: an awesome sheet metal sculpture

The Mexican coat of arms in steel



sheet metal eagle sculpture mexican coat of arms sheet metal

5 months of work, 4.5 meters tall, and 5 tons of steel. The monumental “La Fuerza del Espíritu” (The force of spirit) is a masterpiece created by Mexican artist David Alberto Manero Álvarez. David inherited the passion for sculpture from his father, Roger de la Peña Madero, who created many works of art well known all over Latin America.

This stunning work represents the Mexican coat of arms, i.e. an eagle on a cactus devouring a snake. Every part has been made accurately to the smallest detail and perfectly welded, from the eagle feathers to the snake scales.

sheet metal eagle feathers detail
mexican coat of arms steel sculpture

The sculpture was installed in the official residence of the President of the Republic in Los Pinos, and was inaugurated on February 18th 2015 during the ceremony of commemoration of the day of the President of the Republic. In the sculptor’s intentions, the work invites Mexicans to be reflected in the impressive eagle, able to defeat evil, conformism and despair.

image credit FFJournal and Madero.co

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