24 October 2016

How to choose a press brake - part 4

Optionals and accessories for sheet metal bending

This is the last episode of our overview on how to configure a press brake. Here we are focusing on some accessories that make metalforming faster, more comfortable, and more connected.

10 – Optionals and accessories

There are several useful accessories that make metalforming quicker and easier. Here are a few:

barcode reader and scanner for press brake

Barcode reader: allows to scan codes printed on the blank or on production papers to automatically load bending programs from the CNC or from company servers. It is also useful to update the job status in real time.


Wireless foot pedal: eliminates the hassle of cables on the floor

press brake wireless footpedal
Syner-G remote control for press brakes

Syner-G remote control: tool clamping, GPS4 setup, and backgauge parking at your fingertip

Hemming bench: fold the sheet edge to make them stronger and less sharp

Tandem configuration: instead of a single bigger press brake, you can use from two to four machines in a row at once. The main advantage is that you can use them separately when you have to bend shorter pieces, increasing the overall capacity.

sheet metal brakes tandem configuration
drive bar for tool positioning and working stations

Drive Bar: is a color LED strip that helps the operator during tool setup and when bending with multiple stations

Robot integration: automate your production to bend big lots at high efficiency

Telelink: available by default on X-Press press brakes, it allows remote CNC updates and setup, program loading and editing, troubleshooting and telemetry to help solve technical issues.

press brake in robot bending cell
press brake adjustable die

Matrix variable die: CNC-controlled lower tool, with a variable die opening that can be adapted to the material being bent. Useful to reduce tooling times and injury risks.

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