18 July 2023

165/3000 X-Press for civil and industrial electrical installations


For Martini S.r.l., a company in San Donà di Piave (VE) that manufactures civil and industrial electrical systems, switchboards and electromechanical drives, we built a hydraulic press brake with Design Easy, a capacity of 165 tonnes and a worktable length of 3100 mm. The open-height is 700 mm, with a stroke of 400 mm.


This press brake features the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning System and the E-Reflex Deformation Compensation System. The combination of these two systems allows excellent results in terms of quality, precision and repeatability of the parts to be bent.

The customer chose the Gasparini AirSlide upper pneumatic clamping system with a height of 200 mm for European-type tools. This self-aligning system allows the vertical assembly and disassembly of press brake tools in complete safety. The automatic alignment function positions and secures the tools, reducing set-up times and increasing productivity.


The bottom clamping is also pneumatic.


This machine was equipped with the Tele-Link remote assistance function and Industry 4.0 package. Its CNC technology is of the Delem DA-69T type, with Delem Profile-T 3D offline software. An additional USB dongle was also provided.

In terms of backgauge, the press brake is designed with a 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) CNC-controlled system, two retractile back supports, and an additional stop.

The two retractile back supports are equipped with polyethylene profiles and allow even the thinnest sheets to be supported without scratching the surfaces.


The combination of these elements allows the press brake to achieve the highest level of precision and ergonomics during the bending process.

The safety system installed is the DSP-AP Laser, which offers a lowered speed change point and reduced cycle time. The system generates a visible laser beam that follows EN12622 standards and protects the operator from any risk of crushing between punch and die.


In addition, the customer decided to add:

  • LED lighting of the working area
  • standard foot pedal
  • 2 sliding front supports arms
  • ECO energy-saving package

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