15 September 2017

165-ton press brake for subcontractor

Maximum processing flexibility

Te.co.me. of San Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD) is a fabricator specialising in sheet metal processing. It was founded in 2005 stemming from a long experience. Te.co.me. has already made many steps forward, being recognized in many different fields:


  • windows/building
  • yellow goods
  • cabinets and lockers
  • home appliances
  • farming equipment
  • HVAC
  • automotive


Te.co.me. cooperates with other firms as a subcontractor, especially when the utmost attention to details and aesthetics is needed. The company’s sheet metal equipment is entirely made of Gasparini machine tools:


  • 1 X-Press 150 ton/3 metres press brake
  • 3 PBS 75 ton/2 meters press brakes
  • 1 PSG 250 ton/5 meters press brakes
  • 1 CO 4004 (4 mm/4 meters) guillotine shear


press brake for sheetmetal subcontractor

Maximum versatility

Facing a wide variety of products, Te.co.me. has chosen a press brake with a range of accessories that make it quicker to set up and handle very different pieces. The machine develops 165 tonnes on 3 meters; The work area has been customized with a 500mm throat, a 300mm stroke and a 600mm daylight. The Delem DA-66T CNC handles the 5-Axis X-R-Z1-Z2-X6 backgauge, perfect for making conical bends up to 75° and working on bending stations. In addition to the 2 CNC-controlled fingers, there are two additional manual backstops. The machine is ready to add a pneumatic hemming bench.

Production efficiency

Tooling setup is one of the most laborious phases, reducing production efficiency. To make tool change quick and easy, Te.co.me. has chosen the AirSlide sliding pneumatic clamping, which guarantees unmatched speed and flexibility. Dies can be easily replaced thanks to pneumatic clamping. An extra foot pedal allows you to work on different stations very quickly. Sliding front supports make the operator’s job less heavy, also thanks to the practical tool tray.

front arms back gauge press brake

Speed and accuracy

The Eco package guarantees a high ram speed, coupled with maximum energy efficiency and reduced oil stress. The Gasparini Adaptive Crowning guarantees consistency of the angle across the entire bend length, with any thickness and material.

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