01 June 2021

225 t/3 m press brake for packaging lines

Klovborg Maskinfabrik was founded in 1987 and, from the very beginning, has stood out for its high level of technology. They are specialists in the production of pallet conveyor systems, modular belts, steel mesh belts, PVC belts, polyurethane, Volta High Hygiene and rubber belts. They mainly use 304/316 stainless steel for their structures and steelwork, as most of their systems are intended for the food industry. However, the conveyor systems can also be supplied in hot-dip galvanised and painted in RAL colours according to customer requirements.


Image credit: Klovborg

hydraulic press brake 225 tons new

Like Gasparini, Klovborg has made total customisation its strong point. All equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of the product to be handled with maximum efficiency and flexibility. The press brake purchased from Klovborg does justice to the bespoke spirit of both companies, and stands out for its high configurability. The new X-Press Next has a bending force of 225 t and a bending length of 3000 mm. The extended working area sees a 500 mm throat, a 300 mm stroke and a 500 mm ram-to-bench open height.

On the front side of the machine we see the new Gasparini AirSlide sliding pneumatic tool holders. AirSlide is a patent of our company and is distinguished by the absence of air connection tubes. This feature allows them to be moved and removed with great speed and flexibility. The die clamping system is also pneumatically operated and can be opened and closed remotely using the practical Syner-G remote control.

quick die punch pneumatic clamping
sheet metal adjustable front supports handwheel pressbrake

The two Sliding Front Supports Plus are height-adjustable with a handwheel and a height display to accommodate different die heights. The aluminium profile surface is equipped with ball transfers to avoid scratching the sheet metal.

The backgauge has 5 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) controlled by CNC, with an additional idle finger. The fingers have a special shape as requested by the customer and an additional stop to increase the maximum X positioning depth. The two motorised fingers are also equipped with retractable supports, which support the sheet prior to bending in order to avoid counter-bends or scratches.


The Delem DA-66T CNC is equipped with the Tele-Link function: a tool for remote connection with our Service. With Tele-Link, Gasparini technicians can connect to the press brake, provide configuration/programming assistance, and access remote diagnostics. Together with the CNC the offline software Profile Lite TL 2D has been supplied to create bending programs from the office and send them to the machine.

backgauge sheet metal retractable supports 5 axes
inverter system hydraulic press brake motor

To compensate for C-frame deformation between different materials and thicknesses, the X-Press press brake purchased by Klovborg uses the Reflex system and a network of intelligent sensors. An additional pair of transducers on the lower and upper rams form the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus. Using these sensors we measure the deflection of the rams in real time and compensate for it dynamically, keeping punches and dies exactly parallel. The outcome is a constant angle at both ends and in the centre of the profile.


The ECO+ package consists of a vector inverter that drives the main motor in a modulated manner, providing precisely the pressure and flow required by the bending cycle. The inverter can provide a higher frequency than the mains frequency, thus making the descent and ascent of the crossbeam even faster. With this technology we can increase efficiency, quietness, and oil life.


ECO+ also includes a dedicated motor-pump unit and hydraulic accumulator for Gasparini Adaptive Crowning. Thanks to this reserve of pressurised oil, the crowning system kicks in instantaneously, reducing the workload required of the main engine.

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