10 March 2021

225 t/4000 mm pressbrake with custom CNC

We are delivering another hydraulic press brake, destined for a company in the hinterland of Naples. This is an X-Press Next with a 225 tonne capacity over a 4 metre bending length, 400 mm throat, 400 mm open height and 200 mm stroke. The apparently simple machine was actually customised to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of CNC and interfacing.

The customer, a small fabrication shop, has always worked on an ESA platform and asked us for a machine equipped with this CNC in order to continue using programs and tools already created in the past. Instead of the Delem systems we normally supply, we installed an ESA S640W CNC. In the control we also implemented the TeleLink remote assistance tool, and the Industry 4.0 package for managing and transmitting production data. The machine has also been sensorized to control and manage structural deformations, through the Reflex system and Gasparini Adaptive Crowning.

industry 4.0 pressbrake in stock
pressbrake manual clamping punches dies

In detail, the Reflex system is used to compensate for the deflection of the side C-frames and thus guarantee a reliable positioning of the ram. In this way we can obtain a constant angle regardless of length, thickness, material strength and any holes. Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, on the other hand, compensates for the deformation of the upper ram, making it possible to eliminate the so-called canoe effect. The profile will have the same angle at both the ends and in the centre, with maximum precision.

The CNC-controlled 2-axis backgauge (X-R) is equipped with 4 fingers, which have been fitted with an additional stop. With the F function, the fingers are pneumatically unlocked and moved beyond the bending line. This allows the operator to reposition them without leaving their workstation, in safety, without tools and in a very short time. The die and punch clamping is manual with tool holders. The press brake is also equipped with standard front supports.

cnc-controlled two axes backgauge

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