25 June 2019

A 225-tonner for a manufacturer of farming equipment


The Alessi company, owned by the brothers Alessandro and Samuele, is a small firm that produces agricultural and livestock equipment. They have chosen a Gasparini X-Press press brake of 225 tons over a length of 4 meters. Their priority was a machine that was simple to use, but extremely robust and reliable: the time of harvesting is not waiting for anyone, and if a farming machine has to be ready in time, the press brake must be up and running.

most reliable press brake

The CNC is a Delem DA-69T capable of importing 3D files and creating bend programs. The same advanced functions are also made available by the offline software: in this way it is possible to generate the bending programs in the technical office and load them into the CNC via the network. With TeleLink remote assistance, our technicians can connect to the press brake, help the operator with configuration and programming, and access machine diagnostics.

The press brake configured by Alessi has a sturdy 2-axis backgauge, with two additional gauges. Thanks to the F function, the stops are moved beyond the bending line and then unlocked: the operator can then reposition them in a very short time without leaving his working position. Open height is 500 mm, while stroke is 300 mm.

The front supports are sliding on a guide and ball bearing slides,  have a scratch-resistant surface in polyzene, and a tool tray. The Promecam tool adapters are the new Gasparini Toolevers: like the larger pneumatically-operated models, they also enable the punches to be clamped quickly. They do not require preliminary bends as they are self-aligning. They can be placed side by side without any gaps thanks to the front adjustment wedge.

press brake quick rapid punch clamping
press brake configurator

Create a press brake tailored to your needs with our online configurator!

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