20 January 2022

225/3000 press brake for metal furniture

Riba is a company we feel particularly close to, especially in geographical terms: their headquarters are less than 3 km from us. But in addition to this proximity, we share a common thread: attention to detail and tailor-made products. RIBA produces displays, shelving and metal furniture for shops and private homes. Their strengths lie in the in-house management of all processing stages: from laser cutting to welding, from machining to polishing. These processes are complemented by bending, which is carried out using a PSG 200-3000 press brake from 2007. After 15 years, Riba purchased a second press brake: an X-Press Next 225/3000.

Image credit: RIBA

press brake 225t 3000mm 10ft shop steel furniture

The new press brake has a 300 mm stroke and a 600 mm table-to-ram open height, with a 400 mm throat. The presence of the throat generates a physiological deflection of the side C-frames during bending. This deflection varies according to the thickness, length and strength of the sheet metal being bent and is therefore impossible to predict. To guarantee an optimal bend, Gasparini has installed the Reflex reading and compensation system. Reflex acts in sync with Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, which ensures perfect parallelism between the upper and lower rams to maintain a constant angle along the entire length of the profile.

These two systems make it possible to compensate for process drifts, as required by Industry 4.0 guidelines. On the 4.0 front, we have installed a number of software features that allow the press brake to interface with the company’s information system, exchanging data on production batches. The network interface allows the Delem DA-66T CNC to retrieve programs and tooling from a shared folder. To create these programs, we have also supplied the Delem Profile T Lite 2D offline CAM software, which can be installed on a PC. The Tele-Link remote service tool also takes advantage of the network connection, allowing our technicians to carry out remote set-up and diagnostics.

Riba’s new press brake is equipped with a versatile CNC-controlled 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) backgauge, which allows the precise positioning of even oblique or irregularly shaped parts. The backgauge also has two additional idle fingers; all fingers are provided with an extra stop to achieve a maximum X depth of 800 mm from the bending line.

backgauge press brake furniture fabricator

The 200 mm tall tool adapters are equipped with a self-aligning pneumatic clamping. Thanks to the patented AirSlide system, the compressed air is supplied to the clamping system directly from the ram, without connecting pipes. As a result, the tool adapters can be moved into any position, pushed together or removed with maximum flexibility in configuration. The clamps can be opened and closed comfortably with the Syner-G remote control. The remote control can also be used to park the backgauge and for various other functions.


With the Stand-by system, this press brake can switch off the main hydraulic circuit motor after a preset period of inactivity to save electrical energy and reduce oil stress.

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