02 August 2023

275/3000 X-Press for automatic dosing and dissolving systems

For Color Service S.r.l., the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic dosing systems, we built a hydraulic press brake with Easy Design, a capacity of 275 tonnes and a table length of 3100 mm. The open-height is 700 mm, and the stroke 400 mm.


This press brake is characterised by its special colouring, chosen by the customer. In fact, blue has been replaced by a shade of white.


The machine is equipped with:

  • Gasparini Adaptive Crowning System, thanks to which the two crossbars are perfectly parallel and total control of the angle is achieved
  • E-Reflex Side Frames Deflection Compensation System, which controls the bending of the structure thanks to a network of sensors in the press brake and hydraulic system

The CNC is the Delem DA-69T, and the offline software is Delem Profile-T 3D. Its user interface allows fast collaboration between programming and production, and also enables 3D programming.


The press brake also features Tele-Link remote assistance and the Industry 4.0 package.


The backgauge has 5 CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6), and is equipped with an additional stop on one of the references. It also has two retractile back supports with polyethylene profiles that can support even the thinnest sheets without scratching their surfaces.

The upper clamping system is a pneumatic Gasparini AirSlide type, 200 mm high for European type tools. This system features an innovative compressed air distribution system that allows the tool adapters to be moved along the entire length of the ram in any position. In fact, there are no connecting tubes or other pneumatic connections to set up.


The bottom clamping is of the manual type.


This press brake was implemented with the addition of two sliding front support arms, adjustable in height and mounted on a linear guide, with a tool tray. They can be easily detached from the rail if required, and due to their low weight can be moved with very little effort.


The shelf measures 600 x 140 mm, is covered with scratch-resistant polyethylene profiles and can support up to 500 kg.


The safety system is the DSP-AP laser with PLC, which allows the speed change point to be lowered by up to 4 mm from the sheet. The result is that the upper ram moves at high speed for longer, limiting the part of the bending sequence where speed is reduced to a minimum. The time saved with DSP-AP compared to a light curtain or other guarding is approximately 1.2 seconds per bend. The DSP-AP laser guard also supports auto blanking for automatic recognition of boxed and side-walled profiles.

In addition, the customer chose to equip this machine with:

  • ECO energy-saving package
  • Pneumatic bending table with 90 mm width
  • Standard foot pedal
  • Drive bar for tool positioning
  • LED lighting of the working area

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