18 February 2019

3 decades of catering equipment

sheet metal catering equipment fabrication

Prisma is one of the leading manufacturers of professional kitchens for both the marine sector and large quality catering facilities. All their products are at the forefront of functionality, ergonomics, hygiene and design. In 2013, Abimis, a line of professional kitchens for domestic use, was launched. The first Gasparini press brake arrived in 1989, followed by a shear with automatic feeder and another 7 press brakes over the following years.



Photo credit: Prisma Spa

The most recent of these machines, to be delivered soon, is a beautiful 225-ton, 5-meter X-Press Next, with 300-mm stroke and 500-mm daylight. The press brake made for Prisma is equipped with two independent foot pedals. They can be activated automatically according to the step of the bending program, or connected to request the control of both operators.

press brake 225 tons 5 meters bending aids
sheet metal sheet lifters die width height adjustment

The two sheet lifters have adjustable R axis and die width, so as to adapt to the installed die. They guarantee the bending of large and heavy parts without the risk of counter-bending, freeing the operators for other activities. This allows Prisma to produce even very large working tables and surfaces with the highest construction quality.

On the sides of the ram we can see the DSP-AP safety lasers with motorised supports. The sensors are automatically positioned at the correct height according to the size of the punch loaded in the CNC program.

motorized safety laser press brake
press brake cnc controlled backgauge 2 axis 4 fingers

The CNC-controlled, 2-axes backgauge has 4 fingers. For easy repositioning, F function has been added: a pneumatic system unlocks the stops while the backgauge takes them beyond the bending line, where the operator can move them comfortably.

The Delem DA-66T CNC is equipped with Tele-Link remote assistance tool. Gasparini engineers can connect to the machine remotely and perform configuration and diagnosis. To reduce the distance between the bending and the technical office, Prisma has chosen the offline software Delem Profile Lite TL, which allows to import technical drawings, generate programs and tooling, and load them via network into the CNC. The strong point from the IT point of view, however, is the Industry-4.0 Package: we collect data from specific sensors and allow the operator to communicate the results of their activities. In this way we can interface with the company’s informative system and provide a lot of useful information for planning and decisions. The last two press brakes delivered to Prisma in 2017 are also equipped with this tool.

large press brake sheet lifters twin pedalboard
press brake backgauge sheet lifters punch clamping

The press brake is equipped with a Stand-by energy saving system that reduces energy consumption and oil stress. To ensure a perfect bend even with different lengths and materials, we have equipped Prisma’s X-Press Next press brake with the E-Reflex deformation compensation system. We have also added Gasparini’s exclusive adaptive crowning. By measuring the actual behavior of the machine, we can obtain profiles with absolutely constant angles, without the “canoe effect”. Given the high technical and aesthetic quality of Prisma’s equipment, real-time compensation systems are the only solution that can guarantee the precision required in the assembly of the various components.

The punch clamping are air-powered Gasparini Airslide for Promecam tools. Thanks to the special patented connection system, there are no air pipes. Tool adapters can therefore be moved or removed at will, allowing reduced setup times and improved efficiency. The lower clamping system is also for European tools and, like the upper clamping system, can be operated using the convenient Syner-G remote control.

press brake sheet lifters sheet metal tool clamping

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