09 August 2021

30 t/1250 mm for subcontract structural fabricator

BSC is a company based in the Marche region of Italy that has been working in the field of sheet metal working and structural steelwork since 1990, expanding to two production sites with a total of 5000 m². They specialise in the manufacture of housings and metalwork for woodworking and aluminium machinery, construction machinery, panels and metalwork for painting systems, ventilation systems, machinery and systems for the food and wine sectors. The company complies with the EN 1090-1 standard for cutting, drilling and bending of structural components in mild steel up to grade S355.

Our collaboration with BSC began 27 years ago with the delivery of a CO3006 guillotine shear and a PBS 40/2500 press brake. These first two machines were followed by four more press brakes: a PBS 105/3000 in 1998, a PSG 200/4000 in 1999, another PSG 200/4000 in 2001, and a PSG 300 ton/6000 mm with sheet lifters, which underwent a major retrofit a few years ago.

subcontractor press brake 30 tons 1250 mm new

As stated on the B.S.C. website, the company’s mission is “To represent a qualified point of reference for industrial groups with regard to decentralised sheet metal working processes, and to become a reliable and lasting partner for the realisation and improvement of customers’ products”. In order to achieve such an ambitious goal, it is essential to have reliable, state-of-the-art machines. For this reason B.S.C. continues to invest in Gasparini technology, with a new compact press brake: the new X-Press Next 30/1250.

This press brake has a 200 mm stroke and a 400 mm bench-to-ram open height. The backgauge is 2-axis (X-R) CNC controlled, with an additional stop on the backgauge fingers to increase the length from the bend axis. Thanks to the F function in the backgauge, the fingers move beyond the bending axis where the operator can position them at the desired point by moving them manually.

High-efficiency LED lighting ensures excellent visibility without eyestrain. Thanks also to the high speed of the ram, this press brake is ideal for bending large quantities of small parts with great processing efficiency.

work area backgauge press brake
small 30-ton hydraulic electric press brake price

The standard 100 mm high tool holders are equipped with manual screw clamping, as is the bench. The Delem DA-66T CNC is mounted on a rotating tilting arm, which can be moved freely to the left or right depending on the operator’s preference.


Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software is supplied with the CNC, allowing bending programs to be created conveniently in the technical office. Our in-house software team has also implemented the Industry 4.0 Package, which allows B.S.C. to collect and share process and production data with the factory information system.

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