27 May 2021

330/4000 for bending stainless steel

press brake 330 tons 4 meters stainless steel

Deltainox of Palosco (BG) is an important company working as subcontractors in the field of stainless steel fabrication. Gasparini’s customers for 25 years, they have over time purchased a guillotine shear and a press brake. These two machines have now been joined by a third powerful and very well equipped press brake. It is an X-Press Next 330/4000, which has a bending force of 330 t over an effective length of 4100 mm. The machine has a 400 mm throat, which allows it to produce large parts even beyond the width of the side frames. The 500 mm table-to-ram open heigth allows making large box sections, and the 300 mm stroke makes it easy to pull them out.

This press brake is equipped with Gasparini’s unique 110 mm high AirSlide pneumatic upper clamping for European type tools. These patented pneumatic tool holders are unique on the market in that they do not require compressed air hoses to be connected. The pressure comes from a valve system integrated in the ram. This allows us to move, remove and add holders in any combination, combining maximum flexibility with great speed. The holders can also be packed against each other thanks to the new adjustment wedge with frontal movement. The clamping of the dies is also pneumatically operated, and both can be controlled with the handy Syner-G remote control.

remote control pneumatic sliding promecam tool adapters
backgauge 5 axes tapered bends relative x

The backgauge has 5 CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6). The relative X axis has a 300 mm stroke and allows tapered bends of up to 75° thanks to special mechanical optimisation. The fingers have been modified with an additional stop to increase the maximum length on the X axis.

Stainless steel is characterised by its high springback value. In order to produce correct parts without scrap, we have installed our GPS4 angle control system. This sensor inside the die measures the bend angle and springback in real time, giving the CNC the information it needs to make the product correctly the first time.

GPS4 real time bending angle measurement device
wireless sliding foot pedal brand new press brake

At the front of the press brake there are two sliding front supports, equipped with anti-scratch polyzene profiles and a storage drawer. The wireless foot pedal, thanks to the absence of the connection cable, is much more comfortable and ergonomic. It can be attached to the rail where the supports are fixed and can be moved by pushing it with the foot. Front and interior lighting is by LED, with an optimised colour temperature for maximum visibility and high visual comfort.

The Delem DA-69T CNC is the most complete model in the Delem Touch series and allows you to view and edit 3D bending programs. With the offline Delem Profile-T 3D software it is also possible to import 3D models in STP, IGES, and of course DXF formats. With Tele-Link remote assistance our technicians can connect to the press brake for configuration and remote diagnostics. Thanks to the Industry 4.0 package, the customer can manage and transmit production data from the press brake to the factory information system. The machine is equipped with advanced sensors for the detection and correction of process drifts, which make the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies possible.

CNC Delem DA-69T 3D hydraulic press brake
5-axis backgauge relative x xrel pressbrake

In addition, there are systems to compensate for deformations. With the Reflex system we guarantee precise positioning of the ram regardless of the deflection of the machine shoulders, allowing the programmed Y position to be reached with any thickness, strength and working condition. In order to keep punches and dies perfectly parallel we have installed the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning. Using two sensors placed on the upper and lower rams, we maintain a constant distance along the entire length of the profile. In this way the angle is the same, both at the ends and in the centre of the workpiece.

With the ECO energy-saving package we are able to reduce energy consumption and minimise stress on the hydraulic oil. At the same time we can increase the ram approach and opening speed, as the main motor is not powered by mains voltage. The key component is a sophisticated vector inverter, which provides a variable voltage and a modulated frequency according to the pressure and flow required by the bending process. During idle times the pump stops, reducing oil overheating and noise.

pneumatic clamping press brake promecam tool holders

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