07 March 2022

4.0 press brake for luxury furnishings

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Niva is a Padua-based company specialising in high-end furniture and design for shops, fittings, villas, luxury residences and other prestigious fittings. It has internal departments for research and development, design, cabinet-making, and a complete craft workshop. They are able to work all types of materials, from wood and iron to stainless steel and bronze in any finish.


Image credit: Niva

Production at the highest level requires a press brake to match the quality of the finished products. For this reason Niva has invested in a brand new 225 ton Gasparini X-Press press brake with a bending length of 4 metres (13 ft).


Fundamental to maintaining the required precision are the two compensation systems for the inevitable deformations of the structure, which work in symbiosis with each other. The first is the Reflex deformation compensation system, which measures the pressure in the hydraulic circuit in real time. Using a mathematical model we are able to compensate for the deflection of the C-side frames, guaranteeing a constant angle even among the many different thicknesses and materials used by Niva.

The second device is the Gasparini adaptive crowning, which works by measuring (and not guessing) the real deflection of the upper ram. The same deflection is reproduced in the lower ram by means of a series of hydraulic cylinders to obtain a constant angle over the entire length of the profile.

225-tons 4-meters 13-feet hydraulic pressbrake
pneumatic clamping promecam punches tools pressbrake

Niva has to deal with very different workpiece lengths on a daily basis, which is why they chose a very versatile backgauge with four CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2). In addition to the two motorised fingers, there are also two other idle fingers that can be moved manually. All four are equipped with an additional stop to increase the maximum gauge depth.


For handling very small batches, which require frequent retooling of the press brake, AirSlide sliding tool adapters are the best solution. The compressed air is supplied via a patented design in the ram, so there is no need for cumbersome connection hoses.

The pneumatic hemming bench has two major advantages: it allows the use of standard 60 mm T-dies, and it shortens the cycle time because it does not stay in the raised position like spring hemming dies.


The CNC is a Delem DA-66T with the Industry 4.0 package for production data interchange and Tele-Link remote service software installed. The front supports are of the sliding type with integrated storage drawer and anti-scratch polyzene profiles.

pneumatic hemming bench 4 axes 4 fingers backgauge

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