04 June 2019

4.0 press brake for stainless steel box bending


Admeta is a company from Traversetolo (PR) that has made stainless steel metalforming and general sheet metal fabrication its mission. And like all missions, it is essential to have the right means and personnel. For this reason Admeta relies on an expert staff and uses state-of-the-art machines.

industry 4.0 tax credit incentive press brake

Admeta has customised this 165-ton, 3-metre X-Press Next press brake with a 700 mm bed-ram opening and 400-mm tool adapters to comfortably produce large boxes. This makes it possible to bend tanks and containers up to approximately 500 mm deep. Working in the world of subcontracting, Admeta’s staff are confronted with a wide variety of parts on a daily basis. To maintain high production efficiency and guarantee profitability in operations, a 4-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2) CNC-controlled backgauge was chosen with two additional manual stops.

The AirSlide pneumatic clamping system also contributes to reduced setup times, as thanks to the absence of air hoses, they can be moved to any position in no time at all and with maximum flexibility. For quick and easy operation of the clamping elements, the exclusive Syner-G remote control brings the main machine functions within easy reach. Gasparini’s adaptive crowning allows for a constant bend angle along the entire length of the profile, as it measures the actual deformation of the ram without relying on chance.

promecam tool adapters steel boxes fabrication
press brake backgauge clamping crowning

The Delem DA-66T CNC provides the Tele-Link remote assistance tool to help the customer with configuration, programming and diagnostics. For a customer like Admeta, it is important to know in detail the timing of the various machining operations, error rates, and part flow. For this reason, we have equipped the machine with the innovative Industry 4.0 Bundle, a system for the management and transmission of production data that makes it compatible with tax incentives. The press brake has been equipped with a network of sensors that allows the detection and correction of process drifts. In collaboration with our internal software development team, we will define in detail the functions that Admeta needs. To further increase productivity, we have provided Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software, which allows bending and tooling programs to be generated in the technical department and uploaded to the CNC via the company network.

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