08 July 2022

4.0 shear for cutting stainless steel

guillotine shear stainless steel 3000mm 10ft

We are back to Solmec, the ship fitting company that recently purchased an X-Press Next 275/3000 press brake. Along with the press brake, Solmec has also invested in an X-Cut 3010 guillotine shear, capable of shearing up to 10mm of plain steel or 7mm of stainless steel. In view of the material that Solmec cuts the most, we replaced the standard blades with a set specifically for cutting stainless steel.

The main peculiarities of this hydraulic guillotine shear are concentrated in the CNC: totally developed in house by Gasparini, it allows to manage all the machine parameters through a comfortable 12″ touchscreen display. The CNC has a complete database of materials to automatically adjust the cutting angle, blade spacing and shearing force.

guillotine shear gasparini cnc i4.0
guillotine shear naval outfittings stainless steel

The cutting cycle can be started either from the foot pedal or by an additional button. Thanks to the Stand-By function, the main motor is switched off after 3 minutes of inactivity to save energy and reduce oil stress. To avoid errors, the cutting parameters must be set again when restarting.

Probably the most important feature in the CNC is the Industry 4.0 Package: a tool that allows production data to be interchanged between the shear and the management system, providing information on the batches to be cut and the parts processed.


The rear support is of the “Tilt to back” type, with double vertical and rotational movement. It lowers during cutting and then tilts to slide the cut piece to the rear.

back drop chute guillotine sheared parts

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