06 July 2016

420 ton-8000 mm press brake for Czech Republic

Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus and much more

Agados is a Czech company more than 120 years old. It was born as an agricultural machinery builder and was nationalised in 1948. After becoming privately owned again, in 1992 it began production of car trailers. In 2006 the Czech headquarters moved to a new production site. Now it is one of the most important European manufacturers, with several foreign sites.

big size metalforming press brake

Agados has to face the problem of angle irregularity every day. In the center, the profile always was more open with respect to the ends. The defect was especially noticeable with longitudinal beams of the biggest trailers: thicker sheet metal is more resistant, and piece length highlights the effect. Welding becomes more difficult and production times increase.

When the time came to buy a new press brake, Agados has evaluated numerous manufacturers. The decision factor, the one that would have tipped the balance was getting a constant angle. Many companies rely on mechanical crowning systems with bench wedges. Others choose the proportional hydraulic crowning, where part of the main cylinder pressure is brought to the cylinders of the lower beam. Other still preload the lower beam based on the theoretical resistance of the sheet.


For Agados, none of these systems was satisfactory. The only one to pass the exam with flying colors was the real-time Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus. The Gasparini system, by measuring the actual deformation of the ram, is able to produce parts perfectly straight and with a constant angle.


The machine we produced is a 420 ton/8 meters X-Press, with a 500-mm throat and a 600-mm daylight. It is equipped with hydraulic clamping on the ram and with adapters with Gasparini Pneumatic Clamping for punches. This configuration, together with hydraulic die clamping, allows for a quick tool setup.
The ECO+ package, with inverter motor drive, guarantees a considerable energy saving and an increase in ram speed.
The back gauge has 4 independent axis X-R-Z1-Z2, with two motorized and two manual extra fingers. Retractable sheet supports hold the piece so that very big pieces are not damaged. Phoeni-x CNC, with 3D file import and remote assistance, allows to move programs and drawings over the net.


The machine has been tested and accepted by the customer, and will be soon shipped for installation.

sheet metal press brake long profiles

This customer bends very long profiles and the Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus allows him to have a constant angle along the entire length of the bend, from the ends to the center.

The ECO+ inverter drive provides both speed and energy saving. The CNC-controlled 4-axis back gauge has retractable supports for the processing of very large sheets. The hydraulic and pneumatic clampings allow to quickly change tools and easily move adapters.

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