13 July 2023

80/2000 and 165/3000 hydraulic press brakes for steelwork

For AITEC Srl, a carpentry company in Parma that manufactures customised industrial machines and plants or parts of them in stainless steel and aluminium, we built two hydraulic press brakes that differ in tonnage and length: the first is 80 t for 2100 mm, and the second is 165 t for 3100 mm.


80-2000 hydraulic press brake


The first press brake manufactured for AITEC, it is 80 t with a table length of 2100 mm. It was configured with our Next design and the open height is 400 mm, with a Y-axis stroke of 200 mm.


This machine is designed with the E-Reflex deformation compensation system, which moves the ram away from the table, distorting its positioning. In fact, during the bending phase, the side shoulders of the press brake are subjected to considerable bending: they tend to open up in the groove area. Deformation of the structure is a physical phenomenon that can only be avoided through this system.

Regarding the clamping systems, the customer chose to equip the press brake with Gasparini AirSlide upper pneumatic clamping of 110 mm height for European type tools, and with Gasparini lower pneumatic clamping. AirSlide is a compressed air distribution system that allows tool adapters to be moved along the entire length of the ram, to the desired position, without connecting pipes and without tools. They can be removed or added in any combination, without air loss. They are also self-aligning: the punches are lifted and brought into position.


The backgauge is 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) CNC-controlled, which in addition to the two standard axes also features the Z1 and Z2 axes. AITEC also requested an additional stop on one of the references for a greater contact depth during the bending phase.

The press brake is equipped with an ESA S 660 W CNC with 3D visualisation. This CNC consists of an integrated Windows PC and 19″ LCD HD Multitouch super-screen and can handle machines with up to 64 axes.


This machine has been prepared for the Tele-Link remote assistance function, and communication standards compliant with Industry 4.0 Intelligent Factory models have been installed.


The safety system is IRIS laser type with PLC, with automatic positioning of the Lazer Safe photocells.


This machine features the ECO energy-saving package, which is based on the continuous control of the main press brake motor via a vector inverter. Instead of running continuously at a constant speed, the main motor is regulated continuously. This makes it possible to run the pump at low speed when low flow is required, and to accelerate to maximum performance when full flow and pressure are needed.

In addition, AITEC has chosen to install on this press brake:

  • 2 sliding front support arms
  • drive bar for tool positioning
  • standard foot pedal
  • barcode reader
  • LED lighting of the working area

Hydraulic press brake 165-3000


The second press brake built for AITEC is 165 t with a table length of 3100 mm. It was configured with our Next design and the open height is 600 mm, with a Y-axis stroke of 300 mm.


It was designed with the E-Reflex deformation compensation system, and Gasparini adaptive crowning system. The latter relies on two precision sensors: the first detects the deformation of the upper ram from when bending begins. The CNC drives the pistons in the lower ram until the measurement of the second sensor is equal to that of the first. In this way, the two rams are perfectly parallel. The result is total control of the angle, with maximum precision and absolute repeatability, with all materials.

The upper clamping system is a pneumatic Gasparini AirSlide type with a height of 200 mm for European-type tools. The lower one is also of the pneumatic type.


As with the first machine, this press brake is designed with CNC-controlled 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) backgauge, with an additional stop on one of the references.


From a CNC perspective, it was configured like the 80/2000: ESA S 660 W, with 3D visualisation and Tele-Link remote assistance function. The communication standards comply with the Intelligent Factory models of Industry 4.0

This machine is equipped with a wireless foot pedal.


It also features the Iris Plus laser safety and angle control system: this is an automatic measuring system integrated into the safety device without physical contact with the sheet metal. Inside the receiver is a real-time image processor that transfers data to the CNC during bending.


A range of data is provided including:

  • internal and external angles
  • average angle
  • springback
  • thickness


The laser system was implemented with automatic positioning of the safety photocells for tool adapters heights from 200 mm to 400 mm inclusive.


This machine has been configured with a number of other accessories:

  • 2 retractable sheet supports in the rear register
  • ECO energy-saving package
  • 2 standard front supports
  • drive bar for tool positioning
  • barcode reader
  • LED work area lighting

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