11 January 2022

A small and a large brake for PLM

used gasparini hydraulic press brake

P.L.M. is a Verona-based company that has been active for 25 years in the construction of agricultural machinery, earthmoving equipment and aerial platforms. The materials processed range from typical construction steel to high-strength steels. The company has laser cutting, robotic welding, machining centres, and a Gasparini PSG 330 t/3 metre press brake from 2003 with 6 axes, adaptive crowning, and two custom adjustable sliding front supports with side stops.

Thanks to the excellent work done by the PSG press brake, PLM has steadily increased its turnover. To cope with the workload, the company has invested in two more Gasparini machines with a wide range of accessories.

sheet metal hydraulic press brakes 330t 3000mm 80t 1600mm
330-ton 3-meter high tonnage hydraulic press brake

The first is an X-Press Next 330/3000, customised with a reduced height of 3750 mm to allow entry into the production hall. The press brake is equipped with the E-Reflex deformation compensation system: an innovative device that compensates for C-side frames deformation and guarantees precise positioning of the ram, to obtain a correct angle even with different thicknesses and materials. Continuing with the real-time correction systems, we find Gasparini’s adaptive crowning: a deflection measurement system that keeps the two rams parallel to guarantee a constant angle along the entire length of the machine.

The backgauge has 4 CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2), with the X-axis travel increased to 800 mm and an additional stop 1000 mm from the bending axis. The fingers are also prepared for the application of an additional stop. At the front of the press brake there are two sliding front supports Plus with height adjustment and aluminium support profiles with ball transfers. Side parking spaces have been provided where the supports can be positioned when not in use. The foot pedal can also be mounted on a sliding shoe for easy movement.

turret custom finger stop backgauge
manual tool adapter gasparini promecam high tonnage

This press brake has been configured with special manual clamping tool adapters with an H-GG type top tang. Thanks to this solution the machine can withstand a high concentrated load of up to 250 t/m. The CNC is a powerful Delem DA-66T mounted on a top-hung cabinet. The CNC is supplied with offline CAM software for creating bending programs directly from a PC. Also installed on board the CNC is the Tele-Link connection tool, allowing our technicians to connect to the pressbrake for remote set-up and diagnostics. The network functionality, together with the devices for compensation of process drifts, make this machine a real 4.0 pressbrake. The special software package that we have supplied allows us to interface with the factory management system, manage production batches, and collect data from bending cycles.

Together with the large 330/3000 we delivered a more compact press brake, suitable for smaller parts and thicknesses: an X-Press Next 80/1600 with 500 mm open height and 300 mm stroke. This machine has also been modified, this time reducing the maximum width.

new 80 tonnes 1600 mm pressbrake
backgauge two axes three fingers three gauges

It is equipped with manual clamps and a 2-axis backgauge with 3 manual fingers with 3 support stops. The fingers can be moved easily from the front of the pressbrake using the F function. Also at the front are two sliding front supports with a storage drawer, equipped with an anti-scratch polythene top.

The X-Press 80/1600 chosen by PLM is also equipped with a Delem DA-66T CNC fixed to a top-hung cabinet. The CNC is supported by Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline programming software. The Industry 4.0 package has been installed on board the CNC for importing batches to be bent and exporting production data with the factory management system.

CNC Delem DA-66t touchscreen 3D fabrication

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