14 January 2022

A SuperCustom for stainless steel kitchens and sinks

home appliances sheet metal bending stainless steel

Barazza is a leading manufacturer of high quality appliances and kitchen sinks with an elegant and essential design. The relationship with Barazza started more than 20 years ago, and it gets stronger with every investment in Gasparini technology. In the last 3 years Barazza has purchased two press brakes and a guillotine shear. The most recent of these machines is a SuperCustom X-Press press brake with a 115 tonne capacity over a 3 metre bending length. The machine is equipped with a 300 mm stroke and, above all, an impressive 800 mm open height.


Image: Barazza

The pneumatically clamped tool adapters are 400 mm tall and feature AirSlide technology. Thanks to special processing integrated into the ram and the tool adapters themselves, compressed air is supplied without any cumbersome air hoses to connect. The tool adapters can therefore be arranged in any combination or removed as required. Operation is via the control panel or the practical Syner-G remote control.

115-ton 3-meter supercustom press brake
height adjustable front supports pressbrake

Maintaining a constant angle even on long products like stainless steel tops and drains requires a high precision press brake. That’s why this X-Press is equipped with Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, which measures the deflection of the ram in real time and returns it to perfect straightness.

The backgauge has 5 CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6), with two retractable sheet supports to help position even large, thin sheets. The 4 fingers are equipped with a special shape as requested by the customer, and an additional support stop has been added. The backgauge is controlled by the most advanced CNC from Delem, the DA-69T with touchscreen panel.

5-axis backgauge retractable sheet supports thin sheetmetal
delem da-69t cnc industry four point zero

The Delem DA-69T allows DXF files to be imported and, via the powerful offline Delem Profile-T 3D software, STEP and IGES files as well. The CNC also features the Tele-Link telediagnostics tool, which allows our technicians to connect to the CNC for remote configuration, programming, and maintenance. All these features, combined with devices for detecting structural deformations, make the machine compatible with Industry 4.0 guidelines.

double wireless foot pedal supports press brake

At the front of the press brake there are two sliding front supports Plus, with aluminium profile and ball transfers. The supports are equipped with height adjustment via handwheel and height display. The two wireless foot pedals can also be attached to the slide rail.

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