16 November 2020

Asian tiger, Italian press brakes

Taiwan is one of the four Asian tigers: territories that have had a strong economic development, and still maintain great vitality and innovation. In this dynamic ecosystem, Gasparini has maintained a constant presence for years thanks to our local partner Gasber. Despite this period of economic uncertainty, we have built two more press brakes for a subcontractor.

high precision press brakes taiwan

These are two X-Press 165/3000 press brakes, i.e. 165 tonnes with a bending length of 3 metres. At the customer’s request, we have customised one of the machines by moving the CNC and electrical cabinet on the left side. The 2-axis backgauge (X-R) is equipped with 4 references with 3 bearing surfaces. Fingers can be unlocked and repositioned easily and without special tools, thanks to the F function. The backgauge moves beyond the bending line and the references are free to move simply by pushing them with the hand.

The DA-66T Delem CNC is equipped with the Tele-Link remote support tool, and comes with Profile Lite TL 2D offline software. The machine structure is sensorised with the e-Reflex deflection compensation system. The system keeps the punch in the correct position, regardless of the effort required by the bending process. The Gasparini Adaptive Crowning, on the other hand, keeps the upper and lower rams exactly parallel, thanks to two sensors capable of measuring the actual deflection of the structure in real time.

design pressa piegatrice illuminazione led ergonomia
backgauge four fingers backstops long parts profiles

The X-Press 165/3000 press brakes chosen by the customer are also equipped with an ECO energy saving system which, thanks to the vector inverter, always delivers only the exact energy required by the bending cycle. Less consumption, less oil overheating, less noise, more speed. In one word, more efficiency. The work area is equipped with pneumatic clamping devices for punches and dies, which can be operated by the handy Syner-G remote control.

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