05 July 2017

Automated shearing line from 20 years ago

The origins of Industry 4.0

Gasparini Industries has an extensive experience in automated production lines. In the 90’s we made several shearing and corner-notching lines with picking and positioning systems for sheets and blanks. The road that leads us to Industry 4.0 started a long time ago.

sheet metal automated shearing lines

This plant has been built in 1995: it’s an LTCO 6030-2030 automated cutting line. It is composed of a squaring line with two guillotine shears, automated sheet picking and positioning, and rotating table. This automated line can cut mild steel sheets up to 30-mm thick. A dashboard allowed the supervisor to continuously check machine status and to change cutting programs and parameters.

This customer is a South African rolling mill: the two automated shears were used to trim and square the sheet metal plates to the required dimensions. Processed material is AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel.

sheet metal automated cutting lines

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