19 July 2017

Automated squaring and cutting plant

Automation in 1996

We present you another of our automated sheet metal cutting and bending lines. This plant dated back from 1996 and stood out because of its innovative squaring shear.

squaring shear line automatic palletizing

It is composed of a cutting line with corner notching guillotine shear, automated sheet picking and positioning. A dashboard allowed the supervisor to continuously check machine status and to change cutting programs and parameters. Sheared blanks on the conveyor belt are automatically grouped, stacked and aligned on palletizing stations.

The PLC we used is a NUM by Télémécanique. Side frames had a sandwich structure with a crowning cylinder that compensated the deformations due to the extended throat. Sheet metal hold-downs are continuous to avoid surface damages. This customer needed a very special machine because processed thicknesses ranged from 0.5 mm to 10 mm.

automated squaring shearing plant

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