29 September 2017

Baosteel goes for seconds with these reliable and fast hydraulic shears

The Chinese steel giant goes double on efficiency and precision

Today we’re showcasing two sheet metal guillotine shears custom made for Baosteel, the largest Chinese steel mill and one of the most important steel producers and exporters worldwide. This customer needed a precise machine to cut silicon steel, a hard, tough and strong metal. Samples will be used for lab tests to evaluate the material characteristics, mostly used to make electric transformers.

hydraulic guillotine shear sheet metal 1503

In spite of their reduced width (1500 mm/60 inches), these machines have plenty of power and robustness. They are designed to cut 3-mm thick mild steel sheet metal, but can cut up to 4 mm.

Like all other Gasparini hydraulic shears, they are equipped with the Blade Pads system: a series of adjustable blade supports keep the blade perfectly straight, so that the sheet metal edge is cut with no deformations.

Hydraulic sheet metal hold-down cylinders have an independent circuit to avoid excessive pressure that may damage delicate surfaces. Front supports allow to correctly position the plate, while the CNC-controlled back gauge guarantees maximum cutting precision.


The most relevant feature of these hydraulic guillotine shears is the “Return to Sender” function. This optional brings the cut piece back on the bench, instead of letting it come out from the back of the machine. It’s especially useful on very small plates, because it simplifies and speeds up the operator’s work.
The Return to Sender has a vast range of application, from 300×30 mm (11.8×1.18″) up to 1500×1000 mm (59×39″). Sheet back support has been modified with additional profiles to manage even the smallest pieces.

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