19 July 2019

165-ton brake press for catering equipment

Our distributor Blecken Experts has commissioned us this beautiful hydraulic press brake for Pilsa, a Spanish customer who manufactures professional kitchens, buffets, and restaurants. The machine is able to develop a bending force of 165 tons over a useful bending length of 3100 mm.

Image credit: Pilsa

brake press production catering equipment - pilsa
direct sale press brake

The Delem DA-66T CNC allows you to program in 2D mode with ease thanks to the convenient 17″ touch screen. It can import bend programs and configurations created in the technical department with Profile Lite TL 2D offline software. Gasparini service can also provide remote assistance via the Tele-Link tool.

The customer needs to obtain very constant and precise angles along the entire length, because they make very large and long parts that must then be assembled and perfectly matched. For this reason, the machine is equipped with Gasparini adaptive crowning and Reflex compensation system. We have also included the ECO energy saving package to reduce energy consumption and oil stress.

hydraulic brake press sheet metal tonnage
brake press motorized back gauge

As far as the working area is concerned, the brake press has a stroke of 300 mm and an open height of 500 mm, with a 500 mm throat. The upper pneumatic clamps are supplied by Rolleri, while the pneumatic clamps for the dies are Gasparini. Both clamping can be operated comfortably with the Syner-G remote control. The front sliding supports are equipped with anti-scratch strips and a tool tray. The backgauge is CNC-controlled with 4 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2), and allows you to work on stations or with workpieces of very different lengths.

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