02 November 2021

Custom 165-4000 for catering equipment

manufacture professional kitchens canteens stainless steel

Pavel Štangar founded Kovinsko Gostinska Oprema in 1989. KGO Štangar has been operating on the Slovenian market for more than 30 years, manufacturing quality catering and kitchen equipment, as well as other stainless steel and mild steel products.


Image credit: KGO Štangar

KGO Štangar provides consultancy, design, production and installation of professional kitchens, restaurants, outlets and other customised solutions in the hotel and food industry. Products include distribution counters, self-service lines, complete kitchens, trolleys, floor grills, sinks, shelves and more. They are already Gasparini customers, having bought an X-Bend 140/3000 in 2007.


Image credit: KGO Štangar

fabrication stainless steel catering equipment
hydraulic press brake 165 t-4000 stainless steel

Now this machine is being joined by a new X-Press Easy 165/4000 which can cope more effectively with their bending needs. The press brake was custom-built, with a lowered frame and upper ram to allow entry into the shop floor.

The machine is equipped with proportional automatic hydraulic crowning and two-axis backgauge (X-R). The backgauge is fitted with 4 idle fingers with additional stops, and they can be conveniently repositioned using the F function.

press brake backgauge 2 axes manual stops
backgauge finger f-function press brake

The Toolever quick-release lever clamping for Promecam tools enable punches to be locked quickly, even with segmented lengths. In addition, they are self-aligning and require no complex operation to operate. The press brake is equipped with a Delem DA-58T CNC with Tele-Link remote assistance tool and comes with Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software for creating bending programs directly in the engineering office.

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