20 July 2016

Custom press brake with Wila tool clamping

Energy efficiency and bespoke back gauge

Another press brake, this time for an Austrian client, sold through our local dealer. The machine being shipped is a 250 tons on 4 meters, equipped with a Delem DA-66T CNC. The ECO+ package allows to increase productivity while reducing energy and oil waste. 2-axis X-R backgauge has been equipped with 5 manual stops, freely repositionable.


wila clamping for press brake

Made to measure

Following our tradition, also this press brake is characterized by customization. Upper hydraulic clamping and lower pneumatic clamping are Wila. The client can therefore use the tool they already have in-house, at no extra costs.

Maximum precision

Real-time Gasparini Adaptive Crowning Plus, included in the ECO+ package, works thanks to a dedicated oil circuit. Pressurized oil is stored in a tank, ready to be used as soon as bending starts. In this way we can use a smaller motor and pump, working at a lower regime.

The system measures in real time the ram deformation and actively corrects it, to ensure maximum constancy with each material.

manual back gauges press brake

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