13 March 2019

Double control, double accuracy


HM Metal is a company from Dačice (Czech Republic), founded in 2002 by Petr Hečka and Jiří Máca. In a short time they have increased the range of processes and their turnover, thanks to the great attention to quality and to their state-of-the-art machinery. In addition to the Czech market, HM Metal also serves customers in Austria, Germany and throughout the European Union. They specialise in biomass boilers, automotive, and subcontracting in general.

165-ton plate press brake subcontractor prices

HM Metal chose a 165-ton X-Press press brake with a bending length of 3 metres. To bend medium-thickness sheets over the entire length, with a great variability in the material characteristics, we installed Gasparini’s real-time adaptive crowning. By measuring the actual deformation of the upper ram, we guarantee a constant angle along the entire length of the profile, both at the ends and in the middle. There is no need to shim the bench, or to make test pieces to calibrate the crowning: we get the correct piece the first time. To compensate for the deformation of the C-frames, different between pieces of different length or thickness, we have installed the Reflex system.

To achieve a perfect angle and solve the springback problem, the customer chose the GPS4 real-time control system, with a special dual-sensor configuration. We measure the angle in two separate points of the profile, to make sure we have the same value over the entire length. The backgauge is a 4-axis CNC controlled (X-R-Z1-Z2), with digital servodrives and Panasonic brushless motors. Panasonic drives allow us to have very high speeds combined with a great precision in positioning.

gps4 real time angle control plate press brake
cnc controlled 4 axis backgauge

The Delem DA-66T CNC, in addition to managing GPS4 and machine axes, also provides the Tele-Link remote assistance tool. With this tool, our Service can connect to the press brake, analyze vital data and help with programming. Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software allows you to create bending programs and draw tool profiles from a PC, and then load them into the CNC via LAN. On the front side of the machine there is the Syner-G remote control and 2 sliding front supports. The bench is equipped with a pneumatic lower clamping for Promecam tools.

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