17 December 2018

Fourth full-optional press brake for Sidemur

sheet metal supply service center sidemur

Sidemur, a major steel service centre in Murcia (Spain), has in the past purchased many Gasparini machines. An X-Press 50 t/2000 mm press brake, a 250 t/4000 mm press brake, a 250 t/6000 mm press brake, a 10 mm over 4000 mm guillotine, and a plasma cutting machine with a 3000×8000 mm bench. Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Ángel Montoya, one of Sidemur’s 4 brother partners and production manager.

Sidemur was founded in 1989 as a distributor of ferrous material, adding the activity of cutting and bending in 1992. In 1998 it was joined by plasma cutting and the capacity of the bending department was increased. The range of services was enriched with punching in 2004 and laser cutting and coil cutting in 2010. Sidemur recently expanded its laser cutting, shearing and bending department with new machines, which will soon be joined by tube laser cutting.

sheet metal coil cutting line sidemur
automated sheet metal warehouse sidemur

The automated warehouse allows faster and more accurate management of the raw material inventory. “Customers choose Sidemur because of the variety of services we provide and the quality of the finished products”, says Miguel. “The quality of Gasparini’s machines allows us to guarantee these standards, with the assurance of high reliability”.

For the Murcia-based company, investment has been the key to growth even in these difficult years. As is often the case, the key to overcoming the crisis has been investment and change. Most of the customer portfolio has been shifted from construction to industry, which has traditionally been a more stable sector. “In the midst of the crisis, we have reconverted our business: we have bet on increasing the range of offerings with the most important investments Sidemur has ever made in its existence”, Miguel continues. “We understood that this was the only way to survive, and it actually brought us good results”.

Not only sales, then, but also processing and production with an ever-increasing variety of processes and products. Providing a complete service package to the customer and guaranteeing fast delivery times is fundamental to establishing a strategic partnership. Sidemur makes use of the experience of its employees with machines that help them to work well and that allow good results even to those who are not skilled benders.


In Spain, too, unfortunately, the shortage of skilled labour is a very important issue. “With the investment in the fourth press brake, we need another team of benders, but it is very difficult to find technical staff: there is no training nor predisposition”. So there is a need for a machine that helps less prepared operators to be productive in a short time.

press brake sheet metal boxes sidemur
press brake for sheet metal coil

For this reason, the new press brake from Sidemur is equipped with very important accessories. It is a 165 ton/3 metre press brake with a 500 mm throat, a 400-mm stroke and a 600-mm bench-ram daylight. The 5-axis backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) is controlled by the Delem DA-69T CNC. The machine is equipped with Gasparini’s exclusive adaptive crowning which, in synergy with GPS4’s real-time angle control, guarantees springback compensation and a constant angle along the entire length of the profile.

To withstand the hot Spanish summers, a cooling system for the electrical cabinet has been added. The ECO energy saving system with inverter has also been added, for higher speed and reduced consumption. Tele-Link remote assistance allows our service to help operators with configuration, and to access operating parameters for remote diagnostics. With Delem Profile-T 3D offline software you can create programs and tooling in the technical office, and load them into the CNC via the network.

press brake for sheet metal laser cutting
press brake for sheet metal plasma cutting

For Sidemur, precise control of all costs, including the least evident ones, is also essential. Five years ago they implemented a very powerful production management system for this purpose. “We keep the cost of all the parts we produce under very tight control, at all stages and for all the machines. We can generate reports on a daily basis: what has been produced, what has been invoiced, how much it has cost. Things can’t be priced by going by eye”, Miguel explains. Investing in a press brake to help reduce inefficiencies is essential to defend the company’s margins and deliver a quality product in a short time.

The machine has therefore been equipped with Gasparini AirSlide pneumatic upper clamping system, which allows the tools to be changed as quickly as possible. The 200-mm tall adapters allow you to bend even deep boxes. Thanks to the Drive Bar, the operator can equip the machine without the risk of errors. With the LaserLine tracer, even irregularly shaped parts can be positioned correctly. The wireless foot pedal guarantees maximum ergonomics and practicality even with frequent movements.

press brake sheet metal backgauge

The press brake was purchased and installed in cooperation with the Blecken team, our technical and commercial partner for the Iberian Peninsula.


Photo 1, 2, 3, 4: Sidemur

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