29 May 2019

Good things come in... elevens


Evoca Group, a leading company in the vending machine sector, invests in a new Gasparini press brake that will fit into the 4.0 smart factory system. Since 1994, Evoca Group has relied on Gasparini for a shear and 10 press brakes. With the machine you can see in the image, the total rises to 11: further confirmation of the relationship of trust that has been created over the years between our two companies.

sheet metal hydraulic press brake manufacturers

The press brake purchased by Evoca is an 80 ton on 2500 mm with Delem DA-66T CNC and Reflex deformation compensation system. The backgauge is a 6-axis CNC controlled (X-R-Z1-Z2-X5-X6) and allows conical bends up to 80°. The machine is equipped with a Stand-By energy saving system that puts the motor in stop mode after a settable idle time.

On the front side of the machine we see the Toolever manual lever clamping. This system allows the punches to be fixed very quickly, keeping them in a safe position even when open. During the closing process, punches are lifted up and aligned with the tool adapters. It also supports segmented tools down to 10 mm wide.


Pneumatically-operated hemming bench has been designed by Gasparini to allow the complex parts required by Evoca to be produced. Sliding supports are adjustable in height and are equipped with a storage drawer.

hemming bench tool clamping press brake
6 axis xrel backgauge tapered bends fabrication

To fit into the smart factory ecosystem implemented by Evoca, the press brake has been equipped with Industry 4.0 package. The machine has been equipped with advanced sensors for the detection and correction of process drifts. The machine is capable of interfacing with the corporate network and connecting with the ERP to track the order flow and productivity of the bending department.


See the other 4.0 press brakes at Evoca Group and their example of a smart factory.

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