07 October 2021

Guillotine shear for thin sheets

Tubiflex is a Piedmontese company, leader in the flexible metal hoses sector. For over 70 years it has been designing and manufacturing pipes, hoses and compensators. Its products are used in many high-tech sectors, such as energy, rail, shipbuilding and aerospace.

Image credit: tubiflex.com


For Tubiflex we have developed an X-Cut 2004 guillotine shear. The main requirement is to cut low thickness stainless steel, starting from 1.2 mm and going down to 0.5 and 0.3 mm. The difficulty with this material is to ensure functional unloading in the case of small parts. For this reason, we designed a “Tilt to back” type rear support with lowering and rear discharge. The support was customised by implementing a special unloading cycle and varying the inclination. In addition, the surface of the support was coated with stainless steel to facilitate sliding.

guillotine shear rear support thin sheets

Like all Gasparini shears, this one is equipped with Blade Pads guides, a ram support system that keeps the blade perfectly straight even under intense stress. These guides are also used to adjust the blade clearance. The upper blade has 2 cutting edges and the lower blade has 4 cutting edges. Both are made of special K340 steel, which is produced by electro-slag remelting (ESR) to ensure excellent material properties.

For Tubiflex we have also added the side squaring arm on the left side with increased length, together with another squaring arm on the right side and an additional increased support arm. The two side squares are equipped with a digital micrometric front gauge to allow effective measurement of even the thinnest sheets, where correct positioning with the back gauge is difficult.

special bespoke hydraulic guillotine shear stainless steel
digital gauge front side guillotine shear

The bench is equipped with steel ball transfers, and is illuminated by LED light designed to maximise visibility. On the front side of the shear there is also a button for remote control of the cutting cycle in addition to the foot pedal.

The true technological heart of this guillotine shear is the Gasparini CNC with 12″ touch display and EtherCAT master. The CNC, entirely developed by our software department, is equipped with a material database and cutting length and angle control system. The Industry 4.0 package has been installed on board, which allows the exchange of data on batches and machining cycles with the company information system.

cnc gasparini shear industry 4.0 automation

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