23 January 2019

Guillotine shears for Industry 4.0


Victoria srl is an Italian company that manufactures plants for the processing and painting of wood. For Victoria we have created a guillotine shear X-Cut 3010, capable of cutting steel with a thickness of 10 mm on 3 meters. This machine stands out for its intelligence and interconnection capacity, which make it a real 4.0 shear. Thanks to the Gasparini 12″ Touch CNC with master EtherCAT and EtherNET connectivity, we can connect to the CNC via remote desktop. Remote service allows us to do maintenance, access vital shear data, and perform a variety of configurations and programming.

We have added a tool that allows the operator to automatically send a report to the management software containing the production time, the number of strokes, and the pieces produced. The CNC also contains an extensive materials database, thanks to which the shear can independently adjust the cutting angle and the blade clearance. The cutting length can also be varied according to the size of the workpiece.

10 mm thickness automated guillotine shear
backgauge back sheet support plate shear

On the back we find a “Front and drop” sheet metal support capable of various distinct movements:

  • rear unloading of the piece with lowering and rotation
  • unloading of the piece in the frontal scrap collection basket
  • lifting to bring the cut piece back to the table, with the Return to Sender function.

The latter function is supported by the backgauge, which is equipped with special pushers. The backgauge is fixed directly to the structure and is therefore not affected by the movements of the blade. This improvement is allowed by the Blade Pads system: a series of pads that keep the blade straight along the entire length.

On the front we have the scrap collection basket, the bench with removable and sliding supports, and a button for remote control in addition to the pedalboard.

sliding front supports shear bench
guillotine shear blank holder thickness meter

The hydraulic blank holders are adjustable independently of the cutting force to ensure maximum protection of the workpiece surface. We have also inserted the laser thickness meter: we can check that the piece is of the correct thickness, or automatically change the cutting parameters depending on the thickness detected.

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