12 July 2016

Heavy-duty guillotine shears

When the going gets tough


In this video we show the making of a hydraulic guillotine shear, specially designed for shearing up to 25-mm thick plates of construction steel.


This shear has been manufactured for one of the biggest steel mills, that uses it to test high-strength steel samples.

heavy duty sheet metal plate guillotine shears

Like all Gasparini shears, also this one is equipped with the special Blade Pads system, a series of adjustable supports that keep the blade perfectly linear. In traditional designs, the ram is only fixed to the two side guides. During cut, because of the huge strain, the ram tends to bow horizontally in the center, and the blade gap increases. Sheared pieces will not be perfectly straight but will have a curved side. With the Blade Pads system, on the other hand, the blade remains straight. The blade gap can also be adjusted to fit the material.

Hold-down cylinders are independent from main hydraulic circuit. This way their pressure can be adjusted according to the sheet metal, in order to avoid surface damage. Back gauge is fixed directly to the machine frame so as to not be affected by machine strain and maintain high precision.


This customer also chose the continuous anti-torsion system, that guarantees straight pieces without twists, also with narrow stripes.

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