28 July 2020

High quality in shearing brass

bandinelli & forni headquarters

Bandinelli & Forni Metalli in Florence has been supplying mainly non-ferrous semi-finished products (such as aluminium, copper and brass) for more than 60 years. The important Tuscan handicraft district requires high quality products, which are transformed into accessories and complements for fashion and design.


Bandinelli & Forni’s reference customer base requires great care in the quality of the products supplied, in particular with regard to the precision in cutting and the perfection of the cut pieces. For this reason Bandinelli & Forni turned to Gasparini for their new customized guillotine shear to meet these very stringent specifications.


photo: Bandinelli & Forni

This is an X-Cut 2010, with Blade Pads guides with 200 mm pitch for perfect straightness. On the bench, on the central support, and on the two 2000 mm side squares, we have installed anti-scratch brushes and pneumatic retractable Teflon ball transfers. The squares also have special removable stops.

side squaring arm brushes sheet metal shear
cnc guillotine shear industry 4.0

The backgauge is sensorised to ensure correct alignment of the workpiece and automatically start cutting. It is controlled by the Gasparini CNC via an extremely easy and intuitive 12″ touch screen panel. The CNC provides various functions, such as:

  • materials database
  • cutting length control system
  • rake angle
  • blade clearance adjustment

A remote control button has also been added in addition to the pedalboard. In the back we also find the “Tilt and front” support with lowering, rear unloading and Return to Sender. The Anti-twist System guarantees less deformation of the material thanks to a series of cylinders that push the sheet metal against the upper blade during cutting. To protect the surface, both the heads of the anti-twisting cylinders and the continuous sheet metal holders are coated with anti-scratch Teflon. For the same reason, the upper blade has been specially designed with a 45° chamfer on the rear edge.

shear squaring arm bench antiscratch brushes
continuous sheet metal blank holders laser thickness meter guillotine shear

In the cutting area we find the laser thickness gauge, which, thanks to a SICK sensor, checks that the thickness of the sheet metal is as expected. If this is not the case, the CNC stops the cutting cycle or adapts the shearing parameters according to the settings.



To allow Bandinelli & Forni greater control over the management and transmission of production data, we have included the Industry 4.0 Package, which includes advanced sensors for the detection and correction of process drifts. The technical specifications have been defined by our in-house Software House together with the company.

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