15 April 2022

High technology for scientific bending

Tecnoinox srl is a Tuscan company focused on the processing of special materials. The alloys used mainly include stainless steel for the paper, pharmaceutical and food sectors. Components manufactured include tanks, hoppers, scrubbers, suction boxes, valves, and light structural work in general. In addition, Tecnoinox also processes materials such as aluminium and titanium alloys. These processes are the result of participation in both Italian and foreign experiments and research: VIRGO (ITA/FRA), LIGO (USA), TAMA (JAP), NEMO (ITA/FRA), ICARUS (ITA), AEI SAS (GER).


Images credit tecnoinoxlucca.it

225-ton 4000 mm inverter hydraulic complete press brake

A company with a production of this technological level and with a great variability in materials and application sectors certainly needs a reliable, precise and versatile machine. For this reason Tecnoinox has chosen a Gasparini X-Press 225/4000 press brake with a bench-ram open height increased to 600 mm and a stroke of 300 mm.

The dies are pneumatically clamped, while for the punches we installed our AirSlide tool adapters with a height of 200 mm. Equipped with self-aligning pneumatic clamping, they can be moved freely and quickly to any position thanks to the absence of air hoses.


Nowadays it is essential to consider the ergonomics of the press brake, which is why we have installed a series of accessories to help the operator. The first is the Syner-G remote control, which puts the main functions of the machine, such as opening and closing the clamps, within easy reach at all times. The second is the wireless foot pedal, which is easy to move thanks to the absence of connecting cables. The third is the Drive Bar, a bar of coloured LEDs providing information on the tooling and the currently active station. Finally, the LED lighting is optimised to avoid glare and improve visibility.

airslide quick sliding pneumatic clamping 200 mm
lasercheck laser angle control sheet metal bending

At the front of the machine are sliding supports modified to be compatible with the Laser Check laser angle reading system. This device uses two laser beams and two CMOS sensors to determine the bend angle in real time and compensate for the springback of the sheet metal.

Inside the machine we have a CNC-controlled 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) backgauge. Thanks to the presence of the relative X-axis, we can precisely position parts inclined up to 75° or with 150 mm offset surfaces. For all workpieces where it is not possible to rely on the backgauge, we have also supplied Laser Line: a laser beam that highlights the bending line and allows bending without any gauging.



Due to recent energy price increases and environmental considerations, Tecnoinox has chosen to install the ECO energy saving package. Thanks to a special vector inverter, we can drive the main motor in both voltage and frequency. In this way we generate precisely the pressure and flow rate required by the bending process, without waste or oil stress. We can drive the motor at a higher speed than that provided by the 50 Hz mains frequency, resulting in faster bending cycles. In addition, during the moments when the ram is stopped, the rotation of the motor is also interrupted, allowing greater savings.

stainless plate 5-axis backgauge

Given the wide range of materials and thicknesses processed by Tecnoinox, it is essential to provide active compensation systems for structural deformations. In order to allow a constant angle even when the bent pieces vary, we have included the E-Reflex deformation compensation system: by measuring the working parameters and applying them to our mathematical models, we can precisely manage the deflection of the C-shaped side frames. Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, on the other hand, thanks to two sensors placed on the upper and lower rams, guarantees perfect parallelism between punches and dies. The result is a constant angle between the centre and ends of the profiles, even with very long workpieces.

sliding front supports crowning press brake

These and all other press brake functions are managed by a powerful Delem DA-69T CNC with 3D visualisation and editing of the bend sequence. Also installed on board the CNC is the Tele-Link remote configuration, diagnostics and service utility. The CNC is accompanied by Profile-T 3D offline CAM software to develop programs in the engineering office and upload them to the CNC via LAN. Finally, thanks to the Industry 4.0 Package plugin we developed, the operator can receive information on the batches to be bent and send production data that will be uploaded to the company management system.

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