19 March 2022

Increased open height for a 4.0 subcontractor

new hydraulic pressbrake double footpedal manual clamping

Procicchiani is an Italian company specialising in the processing of sheet metal in all its forms: from laser cutting to welding, finishing and painting. One of the processes Procicchiani offers is of course bending, which is why the company has already purchased three Gasparini press brakes. These are a PBS 105/3000 in 1996, a PBS 45/2000 in 1999, and an X-Press Easy 115/3000 in 2017. The machines have seen a constant increase in functionalities, going hand in hand with the technological and productive growth of the company. In the next few days we will be delivering our fourth press brake: a new X-Press Next 115/3000.

The machine stands out for its large working area, with a 700 mm open height and 400 mm high manual tool adapters. The backgauge has 5 axes (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) controlled by CNC. Fingers were customised by fitting standard stops instead of shaped ones and installing an additional stop. At the customer’s request, we also supplied an additional pedal board.

5-axis backgauge straight fingers pressbrake
supercustom press brake increased height tool adapters box bending

The Delem DA-66T CNC is equipped with a Tele-Link remote connection tool, to enable assistance with machine operation and telediagnosis. In addition to the CNC we also supplied Profile T Lite 2D offline CAM software, to create bending programs on a PC. Finally the Industry 4.0 package was installed. Also contributing to the intelligence of this X-Press is the E-Reflex deformation compensation system, which measures and corrects the deflections of the C-side frames in real time.

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