13 February 2020

Industry 4.0 press brake for Fantin

fantin press brake stainless kitchen sinks

Fantin is an important manufacturer of metal furniture and accessories, based in Fiume Veneto, an area that has always been dedicated to interior design. Its products range from residential to commercial, from community to industry, maintaining the common denominator of quality, beauty and solidity.


Photo: fantin.com

Fantin has established himself as a producer of:

  • containers, cabinets and bookcases
  • open shelves
  • tables and coffee tables
  • drawer units and furniture
  • kitchens and sinks
  • catering complements
  • mobile shelving systems and archives


Photo: fantin.com

fantin fabricated sheet metal shelving
fantin sheet metal bending shelves archives

In 2007 we supplied the first press brake, a PBS 45/2000, followed in 2007 by an X-Press 100/3000. This increase in functionality, size and accessories follows the change in Fantin’s production: an evolution that led to the more recent purchase of an X-Press 115/3000.
Photo: fantin.com

The press brake has a 500-mm open height and a 300-mm stroke to bend small boxes such as drawers and doors. Pneumatic retractable supports have been installed to support thin but large sheets. The backgauge is equipped with 4 CNC-controlled axes (X-R-Z1-Z2) to work by stations or with parts of different widths. We also added an additional manual finger that can be pneumatically unlocked and moved easily thanks to the F function.



The bending process is often affected by certain downtimes, which do not generate value but are nevertheless indispensable. One of the activities that most erode the company’s margin is tool change. For this reason Fantin has chosen the new Toolever self-aligning lever quick release clamps, which allow punches to be changed in a very short time. The stand-by energy saving system shuts down the main motor so as not to waste energy during idle moments.

quick clamping backgauge press brake
european high angle precision press brake

The Delem DA-66T CNC is equipped with Tele-Link remote service capability, to allow our technicians to assist in the configuration of the press brake and to analyze the machine operation by remote diagnostics. Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software is supplied with the CNC: the technical department can then create the bending programs on PC and send them directly to the press brake.

The press brake has also been equipped with a wireless foot pedal, E-Reflex deformation compensation system, and automatic hydraulic crowning. Advanced sensing of the machine allows process drifts to be detected and corrected. The fabrication information is transmitted to the factory information system from the CNC via the LAN network, according to customer specifications. This Industry 4.0 software package qualifies the press brake for tax deductions.

wireless foot pedal automatic crowning pressbrake

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