28 December 2021

Industry 4.0 shear for metal windows and doors

sheet metal hydraulic guillotine shear 4 meters 4 mm steel

To complete its investment in new technology, Serramenti Polito also purchased a brand new X-Cut 4004 guillotine shear, capable of cutting 4 mm thick structural steel over a length of 4 metres. The shear is equipped with Blade Pads with 200 mm pitch to ensure maximum straightness of cut: even during the heaviest stresses, the ram is kept perfectly straight. The hold-downs are independent from the cutting cycle to clamp the sheet with the right force according to the material.

At the front of the shear are the removable supports on the table, which are equipped with ball transfers. The ball transfers are also present on the front supports and on the side squaring arm.

guillotine shear bench plate hold-downs front supports
hydraulic guillotine shear plate back support

At the rear of the machine we have the “Tilt to back” sheet metal support with pneumatic lowering and unloading of the workpiece. The backgauge is CNC controlled to ensure very high positioning accuracy.

The CNC was developed entirely by Gasparini and is equipped with a 12″ touch display, EtherCAT master and preloaded material database. It automatically controls blade gap, length and cutting angle. The working area is illuminated by LEDs with cutting line indication. To start the shearing cycle, we have installed an additional button in addition to the control pedal.

gasparini cnc guillotine shear industry 4.0 automation
gauge stop side squaring arm guillotine shear

The advanced CNC, capable of managing various materials and production batches, makes this guillotine shear compatible with Industry 4.0 directives. For this reason, the shear will be integrated into the company’s information system and will exchange data with the management system thanks to the Industry 4.0 package.

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