13 October 2020

New 80/2000 4.0 press brake for Belia

Belia srl is a company that deserves to be known: they are a small firm in Padua that has been able to evolve, following and anticipating the changes in the sector. Founded in 1967 by the entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Belia, the company is now in the hands of his sons Michele and Stefano who run it with truly admirable skill and dedication. Belia srl is mainly involved in sheet metal working as subcontractors, but they also manufacture tool trolleys. The concept of continuous training is very deeply rooted in the company, together with investment and technological updating in state-of-the-art machinery. In fact, the entire production department has been organised according to Industry 4.0 concepts in order to allow excellent control over all processing phases.

belia srl sheet metal fabrication

Gasparini’s relationship with Belia began back in 1986 with a first 40 t/2000 press brake, followed by an X-Press 100/3000 in 2016 and a new 165/3000 in January 2020. Despite the uncertainties due to the CoVid-19 emergency, the company continues to invest in new machinery to meet its growing needs. For this reason we have been entrusted with a fourth X-Press Next 80/2000 press brake.


Image credit: Belia srl

The machine is equipped with a two-axis backgauge (X-R) with two straight and two shaped fingers for a more stable support of the workpieces. The stops can be repositioned along the Z axis thanks to the F function: the stops are pneumatically unlocked and moved over the bending line to be moved manually with ease. The 700 mm open height and 400 mm stroke allow even medium-sized boxes to be bent.

repositionable fingers backgauge
80 tons 2 meter pressbrake

The Delem DA-66T CNC enables office programming with Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software. The Tele-Link package also allows Gasparini technicians to monitor the machine’s health and help with configuration. On board the CNC is also a suite of software tools developed by Gasparini that allow the interconnection and exchange of production data with the factory information system. A network of sensors detects and corrects process drifts, and then sends the information to the management system together with the times and jobs in progress.

In order to manage even small batches efficiently, it is essential to reduce non-productive times: for this reason we have provided the Gasparini AirSlide top pneumatic clamping system without air hoses. AirSlide allows you to reposition tool holders without having to reconnect anything, simply by moving them with one finger. With the Syner-G remote control you can open and close the clamps directly from the working station.

sliding front supports press brake
subcontractor increased open height press brake

On the front side of the press brake we have two sliding front supports with tool drawer. Inside the machine, on the other hand, we find the ECO energy saving package: a vector inverter connected to the main motor continuously regulates voltage and frequency to guarantee the optimum speed and force for the work in progress at all times. The advantage is a reduction in consumption and an increase in performance, with less oil stress and a quieter machine.

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