26 July 2019

Codopi, Spanish quality subcontractor


Codopi is a Valencia-based company that deals with sheet metal processing for other companies. In addition to water cutting and bending, it is also able to perform sandblasting, welding, and oven-baked painting. In their presentation it says: “we are a company specializing in industrial processing that invests in machine tools with the most innovative technologies, which allow us to offer our customers effective solutions adapted to every need“. And precisely because they are subcontractors, they are faced with a great variability of scenarios and products, all different from each other.

hydraulic press brake subcontractor price

For this reason they chose a Gasparini X-Press Next 165 ton 3 meter press brake with a Delem DA-66T CNC. The touchscreen CNC is accompanied by offline software that allows to create the bending programs in the office and transfer them to the press brake via network. The CNC is also equipped with a Tele-Link remote assistance capability, allowing Gasparini technicians to connect and carry out configurations and diagnostics in real time.

The Reflex system ensures that parts of different lengths or with different strengths are bent at the same angle because it compensates for the deflection of the uprights. Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, on the other hand, by measuring the deflection of the crosspiece, ensures that the angle is constant at both the centre and the ends. These two systems help Codopi to reduce waste and test pieces, improving production efficiency.

hydraulic press brake active adaptive crowning
press brake inverter eco hybrid hydraulic

The ECO energy saving package consists of a power inverter that drives the main motor with variable voltage and frequency, so as to deliver the best speed and torque. This optimisation reduces electrical consumption, oil stress and noise.

The work area was customized with a 300 mm stroke, a 500 mm open height and a 500 mm throat. The Gasparini backgauge is equipped with 4 independent, CNC-controlled motorized axes (X-R-Z1-Z2) and allows you to work for stations or with workpieces of different lengths.


Both the lower and upper clamps are pneumatically operated, and can be opened and closed easily with the Syner-G remote control. The front sliding supports are equipped with anti-scratch polyzene profiles and a tool tray.

press brake backgauge four axes

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