10 January 2019

New twin press brakes in Taiwan


Daxian and Yu Hong are two service centers in Taiwan, a country at the forefront of quality machining. Through our distributor Steven Chen of the company Gasber, we have supplied two new 165 ton on 3000 mm X-Press Next press brakes.

The machines have a stroke of 300 mm and a bench-ram opening of 500 mm. Punches and dies can be replaced in a very short time thanks to Gasparini’s pneumatic clamping system. Tele-Link remote assistance is provided via the Delem DA-66T CNC. Configurations and programs can be uploaded from the technical department using Profile Lite TL 2D offline software.

new hydraulic press brake metalforming fabrication
new press brake pneumatic clamping backgauge

To achieve perfect parts on the first attempt, the machines have been equipped with Gasparini’s exclusive Adaptive crowning and Reflex electronic compensation system. The backgauge is CNC-controlled with 2 X-R axes, with the exclusive F function: the 4 gauges can be positioned from the front of the machine. To facilitate the operator with conical bends, a LaserLine device has been installed that traces a light line on the bending axis.

The two new press brakes guarantee high productivity and ergonomics thanks to the Syner-G remote control, wireless pedals, and LED lighting of the work area. The machines are equipped with the ECO energy saving package. Thanks to the inverter control, we can reduce energy consumption and oil stress, and at the same time increase the performance and speed of the machine.

laser tracer bending line sheet metal

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