09 November 2021

X-Press 115/3000 for sanitation equipment

hygienic hand wash basin fabricated stainless steel sheet

Soema is one of Italy’s leading brands in the design and manufacture of fittings for hygienic spaces such as changing rooms, toilets, washbasins, cubicles, doors, drying and sanitising systems. Their products are mainly made of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and cleanliness. The electronic systems help to limit the transmission of pathogens and at the same time help to save water and energy.


Image credit: Soema

As well as gyms, swimming pools, stations and service areas, Soema’s products are also installed in hospitals, operating theatres and communities. Soema has already purchased Gasparini machines: a CO 2004 guillotine shear and a PSG 60-2000 press brake, both in 1995. After more than 25 years of good service it is now time to replace the press brake with a more advanced model, capable of handling the large quantity of products and codes in a more efficient and practical way.


Image credit: Soema

hot air hand dryer stainless steel sheet fabrication
115-3000 hydraulic press brake stainless steel sheet metal

That’s why we built an X-Press 115/3000 with a 4-axis backgauge (X-R-Z1-Z2) to easily adapt to workpieces of different lengths. The clamping is manually operated for both punches and dies, for Promecam/European type tools. The CNC is a Delem DA-66T capable of visualising the bend sequence in 3D and importing DXF files.

However, the most efficient workflow is to study tooling and bending sequences in the technical office. This can be done with the offline software Delem Profile, a bending CAM that allows bending programs to be created and exported directly to the press brake CNC. The CNC is in fact equipped with a network interface, which is used to import production orders and export information on the number of correctly bent and rejected parts.

press brake 115-3000 stainless steel delem
cnc-controlled 4-axis backgauge pressbrake

In the X-Press 115-3000 press brake we have also installed Reflex, a device that compensates for the deformation of the side C-frames. These two systems make the machine compliant with Industry 4.0 directives. Also installed in the CNC is the Tele-Link remote service tool, which allows Gasparini technicians to connect with the press brake for updates, configurations and remote diagnostics.

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