03 July 2018

115 ton/3 m press brake for a subcontractor from Vicenza

coma sheet metal subcontractor

COMA srl is a company in Rosà (VI) with almost 60 years of history. Founded in 1959, it has evolved over the last few decades with the addition of advanced machinery. Also thanks to an expert technical department, COMA has distinguished itself in the field of sheet metal working on a subcontracting basis, be it in construction steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Over the years, the company has purchased four Gasparini press brakes and a Gasparini guillotine shear. An X-Press Next 115-ton press brake with a bending length of 3000 mm was recently added to the fleet. This machine is equipped with a very extensive range of accessories that can guarantee high production efficiency and a very low rate of incorrect parts.


From the point of view of structural deflection compensation, the X-Press Next press brake is equipped with an electronic Reflex system to compensate for shoulder deformation, ensuring a constant angle even when the length, thickness or resistance of the material changes. The Gasparini adaptive crowning, on the other hand, eliminates the canoeing effect and provides the same angle both at the ends and at the centre of the profile.

122 inches 100 tons press brake
wireless foot pedal control press brake

This press brake guarantees high production efficiency, thanks to the upper and lower pneumatic clamping systems. The wireless foot control can be attached to a sliding pad and moved simply by pushing it with the hand or foot.

The 5-axis X-R-Z1-Z2-X6 backgauge, controlled by the CNC Delem DA-66T CNC, enables the production of workpieces with offset edges up to 150 mm. This numerical control can be connected in a network and allows various diagnostic activities and remote configuration. It is also possible to upload files and programs directly from the technical office, which saves a lot of time.


The machine is equipped also with an electrical interface for being used both manually by the operator and for being inserted in an robotic bending cell. The configuration of this machine, by introducing a data exchange system between the machine and the factory information platform, allows access to the tax incentives of the Industry 4.0 Programme.

press brake independent x axis gage

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