13 July 2021

400/4000 all muscles and all brains

Carpenterie Goffi is a company based in Brescia with almost 40 years of experience in medium-heavy metal fabrication. It deals with the design, production, installation and maintenance of metal structures. It is able to guarantee a high quality product and service thanks to the passion and expertise of its staff, together with constant investments in technology. For Goffi, Gasparini has produced over the years a CO3016 guillotine shear, a POA 160/4000 press brake and a PSG 250/4000 press brake.


image credit: Goffi

400 tons tonner 4000 mm 13 feet

The most recent press brake, however, is a real colossus: an X-Press Next with 400 tonnes of bending force over a length of 4 metres (13 feet). The machine we have just built for Goffi has a 600 mm open height, a 400 mm stroke and a 500 mm throat. To compensate for the intense structural stresses caused by the tonnage involved, we installed the Reflex deformation compensation system. Thanks to a set of sensors in the hydraulic circuit and in the structure, we are able to precisely position the ram even with varying thicknesses and lengths to be bent.

Gasparini’s adaptive crowning, on the other hand, compensates for the deflection of the upper ram by measuring the deflection and compensating for it in real time using hydraulic cylinders located in the lower ram. The result is a constant distance between punch and die, and therefore a precise angle at both ends and in the centre of the profile. The two systems work in symbiosis, exchanging data and making the whole machine intelligent.

This functionality is complemented by a production tracking system and data exchange with the factory information system. These enabling technologies make the press brake eligible for Industry 4.0 benefits.

The CNC-controlled 5-axis (X-R-Z1-Z2-X6) backgauge allows for conical bends of up to 75°. In this way, Goffi can position even the most complex shaped parts required by its production. With an additional stop on the backgauge fingers, we increase the maximum gauging depth up to 800 mm.

5 axes back gauge oblique conical slanted bends
quick lever clamping promecam press brake

Carpenterie Goffi is a contract manufacturer and as such has a wide range of products. It is essential to be able to retool the bending machine quickly to avoid increasing delivery times and hidden costs. Thanks to the new Toolever adapters, with self-aligning lever quick clamping, changing punches is quick and easy. The ram has also been prepared for the installation of the AirSlide hose-less air-powered clamping.

On the front side of the press brake there are also two sliding front supports, equipped with an anti-scratch polyzene worktop and a handy storage drawer.

extractable drawer front support press brake
high tonnage press brake for heavy fabrication

The CNC is a powerful Delem DA-66T, with the Tele-Link remote service tool on board. This piece of software allows our technicians to remotely connect to the press brake for configuration, setup, maintenance and diagnostics. The CNC comes with Delem Profile Lite TL 2D offline software that allows technicians to create bending programs on a PC and upload them to the machine via LAN.

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